Executive Lion exists to serve those in leadership by creating a platform of inspiration, education, and community to overcome professional and life’s challenges together.

The concept of Executive Lion started back in the summer of 2017 as my business started to take a life of its own without demanding as much of my time. Since 14 hours days were no longer required, I was plagued with thoughts of how most of the challenges I faced could have been avoided if someone had shared similar frustrations with me along the way. Over the years, I have written numerous posts on facebook that seemed to garner positive attention from friends who would reach out through likes, texts or phone calls to let me know how they appreciated my transparency. What stood out to me was how many of us shared the same experiences, yet we thought we were all alone. This sparked the desire to start showcasing executives around town and discussing how they overcame their challenges to show that our struggles aren’t unique.

This is why we are in business. We want to serve people. We want to serve you. So please reach out to us if you have feedback to help us along this ride!