Living Life on Purpose with Brian Schubert


In this episode of Executive Lion’s Living Life On Purpose, Matt Wilson and Andrew Wells sit down with Brian Schubert, a successful entrepreneur and autism advocate, to discuss overcoming obstacles and persevering in tough times.


Brian is a family man, Chick-fil-A owner-operator, non-profit founder, and follower of Christ. Brian talks about the challenges families with special needs children face as he has battled Autism with his 9 year old daughter Ady. Through his pain, he found purpose and started Ady’s Army, a non-profit that helps families with Autism cope with the condition and get support they desperately need. Brian also talks about the struggles of owning a business and how he has been able to fight through those difficult times to get to where he is now.

3 Takeaways from this interview:

1) Never give up. No matter what you are facing, hard work and determination always pays off. Brian had a goal of becoming a Chick-fil-a owner and it was a long shot, however, he showed the company what they needed to see when he had the opportunity.

2) Sometimes your family situation can make life difficult. You can either embrace it, and take on your challenges with God’s help, or you can let the circumstances overcome you. Brian and his family have chosen to help others through their own struggles with Autism and they have created a great support system for that community here in Birmingham.

3) The first business you start might not always be successful. The economy, timing, business associates, whatever, may change your outcome. Failure is not final unless you quit. Learn from your mistakes and use those to grow and become better in the future. If you learn from the situation, this will be bought experience.

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Andrew Wells

Andrew Wells is the CEO of Alabama and Tennessee ReBath, Co-Founder and President of H2T Digital and Co-Founder of Executive Lion and in between emails spends his time swing-trading stocks and working with a few mission NGOs in Moldova. Andrew’s has a background in technology and has key strengths in strategy, turn-arounds, and problem solving that transcends any one department or industry. He currently splits his time between Birmingham and Nashville. Since 2005 have been very active at Church of the Highlands. He enjoys serving God, is an adrenaline junky, and is passionate about fighting the injustices of this world. If you want to learn more about Andrew or what he can do for you email him at

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