Get in the Ditches with Jay Johnson of College Prep-U

Who: – This episode is Matt Wilson and Andrew Wells interviewing Jay Johnson.

What: – Jay Johnson is the CEO of College Prep U, an educational company that empowers high school students and prepares them in all aspects of life prior to college placement.

Why: – We are interviewing people who are successful and also live life on purpose. Jay is a successful entrepreneur, a husband, father, and a man of faith who lives with intention in all aspects of his life. He has faced challenges and discusses how he has overcome some of these.

3 Takeaways from this interview:

1) Faith is the guiding aspect of Jay’s life and it is a large aspect of his success.

2) Sometimes we are forced to make choices between success and significance. Sometimes we may have to sacrifice money to pursue purpose.

3) Surrounding yourself with people that can encourage you is extremely important when you face life’s challenges.

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