Meet the Attorney Billboard Entreprenuer: Alexander Shunnarah

– This episode is Matt Wilson and Andrew Wells interviewing Alexander Shunnarah

– In this episode of Executive Lion’s Living Life On Purpose, Matt Wilson and Andrew Wells sit down with the man, the myth, the billboard legend: Alexander Shunnarah.

– Alexander Shunnarah is the Founder and CEO of The Alexander Shunnarah Law Firm. Alexander is not only one of the most well known attorneys in the Southeast, he is a marketing genius, a family man, and devout follower of Christ.

3 Takeaways from this interview:

1) Your faith should be the guiding light in your life and no one should ever be surprised to learn you are a Christian.

2) We should all pray for protection and blessing and try to follow God with all aspects of our life.


Personal Injury Attorney Alexander Shunnarah:

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Andrew Wells

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