Meet Scott Dawson, the Evangelist speaks about Leadership and Attitude

Matt Wilson and Andrew Wells sit down with Scott Dawson, Conservative Candidate for Governor to discuss how he lives a life of purpose.

Scott is the Founder of the Scott Dawson Evangelistic Association and he is running for Governor of Alabama after he felt called by the Lord to do so.

Scott has devoted his whole life to serving God and now he believes he is in a position to serve the people of Alabama with his bold leadership and ability to connect with people.


3 Takeaways from this interview:

1) When we face challenges in life, staying grounded in our faith is the best way to get through those situations.

2) Sometimes you are the solution to a problem and you need to step up to fill the void in leadership.

3) We all have a purpose and the sooner we can figure out what that is, the quicker we can start to make a positive impact in the World.

Scott Dawson Evangelistic Association:

Scott Dawson for Governor:


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